4 Popular 55-Inch Flat Screen TVs to Choose From

55-inch televisions continue to be hugely popular and are steadily gaining market share. The benefit is that while it is sturdy and has many of the benefits of the 65-inch TV, it will not take up your entire wall. The newer 55-inch models come with many latest features which include HDR compatibility, 4K resolution, and smart TV interfaces. The following are four of the best 55-inch flat screen TVs available in the market.

The LG OLED is a clear winner in the 55-inch flat screen TV space. While it is available in 65 inches as well, the hardware has had significant improvements made as compared to its predecessors. The lookup table (LUT) and the Alpha-9 processor offer far superior processing and image quality. The set can also support better contrast when it comes to pictures; moreover, its shadow levels with wide viewing angles make it perfect for any space.

Sony XBR-55X900F
While the Sony XBR-55X900F is an LCD TV, it offers exquisite quality that is comparable to OLED TVs. With improvements made over time, it also gives viewers batter saturation and brightness with good images in dim lighting and no halo effect. The color gamut and motion handling are great with no stuttering images as well. It is also the best performer in the mid-range segment. Additionally, the use of Android TV allows for a wide range of content options to choose from.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV
This Roku TV from TCL is worth the money spent on buying it. While people with higher budgets will prefer higher-end TVs, such as LG’s OLED W8 or Samsung’s QLED, this TV is a great choice for those looking for great features for less than $1000. The HDR format is very good and the upscaling engine works fairly well too. The TV works well in brightly lit spaces, and while it may not offer the same performance as bigger brands, it is certainly worth the price.

B&O BeoVision Eclipse
For people who have no qualms about spending lavishly and have a big budget, the BeoVision Eclipse 55-inch flat screen TV is a great choice. Its stunning design with a motorized stand that allows viewing from any angle is enough to set tongues wagging. The OLED is made by LG and coupled with the black levels and color contrast with motion handling, it is really one of the best performers in the market today.

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