• Restaurants in the US that serve old fashioned recipes
    When it comes to comfort food, everybody likes to try something new every once a while. Old fashioned recipes have their own taste. They are simple and focus less on the presentation and more on taste that makes them more appetizing. There are restaurants across the countries that are known for their old-fashioned recipes. If you are searching for restaurants that serve comfort foods the old-fashioned way, then here is a list of restaurants that you should definitely give a try.
    • Bluebird diner, Iowa city, Iowa Bluebird Diner from Iowa is known for their cross cultural collision. If you are at or around Iowa, pay a visit to the restaurant as they are known for their old fashioned recipes of chilli verde, smoked pork, over-easy eggs, hash browns and parmesan polenta. Bluebird Diner includes the name of local partners they used to get their food.
    • The Breakfast club Georgia This restaurant has been known to serve omelets outside Savanah since 1976. The restaurant is known for omelets with spinach and grilled mushrooms, garlic, parmesan cheese and is served with grits and bacon with a side of their homemade bread. It is notoriously famous for its long line, but it is worth the wait because the restaurant is by the beach and is known for its breakfast recipes.
    • Blue Benn The Blue Benn diner was shipped from Jersey to Bennington and was assembled on its current spot in the year 1948. It has been the same way since then. Their old school jukebox and 25 for 2 songs will warp you back in time. Blue Benn is known for its mixed berry pancakes, and pastry Cline Crooning.
    • Brent's Drugs Brent's have undergone a number of renovations since its setup in 1946. The restaurant's soda-fountain and retro diner theme will surely give you the nostalgia of the 60's. Brent's drugs is famous for serving its old fashioned recipes of French toast sandwich, grilled bacon, and pimento cheese sandwich.
    • Diner Grill Diner Grill is made from an old rail road dining car. Without any tables and frills, the diner contains a big counter and a griddle. The Diner is known for serving their burgers at breakneck speed. Their most famous dish is known as the slinger, it is a pile of hash browns, burger patties, eggs and cheese. Diner Grill at Chicago is one of those diners that has been endorsed by 3-Michelin star staff.
  • Popular food coupons from the choicest restaurant chains
    Restaurant chains constitute a major part of the booming food industry in the United States today. The increasing popularity of these restaurants is primarily due to their good preparation and convenient service. Many of them also serve a good variety of affordable items on their menu. Restaurant chains have seen a massive growth in recent years. With the changing tastes of consumers, these restaurants are enhancing their dynamics too. Menu options and concepts are remarkably evolving. Here are some great deals and discounts for you. We have enlisted some of the most popular coupons from a few of USA's best restaurant chains. Souplantation Souplantation is one of the prime restaurant chains in the United States. It is a buffet-style, all you can eat restaurant. A Dinner Combo for $ 12.59: This is a great offer valid after 4 PM for each adult guest. The dinner may include one non-alcoholic or milk beverage, non-bottled. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. It is not applicable to takeaways. You can print this coupon from 25% Discount on a Family Combo: This coupon is valid for dine-in family combos, i.e., 2 adults, 2 children aged 3 to 12 and you get 4 non-alcoholic or milk beverages, non-bottled. It can't be combined with any other offer. This souplantation coupon printable on and the offer is valid after 4 PM. Bob Evans Bob Evans is one of the leading restaurant chains in the United States serving a good variety of finger-licking food. This restaurant chain serves breakfast options all day! 20% Discount Site-wide: Bob Evans offers 20% off site-wide, i.e., on all the items available on their official website. You can choose from a variety of items to suit your mood and occasion. The coupon code is summer16. Use it on Save $3 On A $15 Purchase: This Bob Evans coupon applies to all in-store products. It is printable on You can also show this coupon on your phone at the store to avail the offer. Sweet Tomatoes This chain of cafeteria-style vegetarian restaurants is very popular in the United States due to their diverse menu also comprising of nutritious options. Dinner Combo For 2 At $24: This Sweet Tomatoes coupon is applicable on in-store dinner combos for two people. The coupon can be printed on Family Combo For $34.99: This is an amazing offer! It applies to dine-in family combos anytime! This is a limited time offer. So hurry! Omaha Steaks Omaha Steaks is a leading provider of the best hand-cut steaks, seafood, and innovative side dishes. Here are two of their most popular coupons! Up To 80% Off On First Online Purchase: If you're shopping online with Omaha Steaks for the first time, this is the best offer for you! You can avail the coupon on and proceed through the link. Save 72% And Get 12 Burgers For Free: This Omaha Steaks coupon applies on online purchases. It gives you 72% off on gourmet burgers. You get 12 burgers for free when the shipment is worth $59 or more.
  • All you need to know about restaurant deals & more!
    The USA is known for its chain restaurants and family owned businesses. Amongst these restaurants and businesses, several brackets exist. These brackets are all-you-can-eat-buffets, all day diners, healthy salad bars, meat manufacturers and distributors, and bakeries. Let's look at some of these restaurants in detail. Souplantation and sweet tomatoes They have the same parent company and are famous restaurant chains in the US. They offer soups, salads, pizzas, bread, muffins, and they experiment with various cuisines as well. Great discounts are available online if you look for them. Several websites offer at least $5 on average savings through Souplantation coupons that work well for family combo meals. Couples looking for discounts on healthy meals can check Souplantation's website. Souplantation gives out a deal as good as $25 for two with free beverages.You can find Sweet Tomatoes coupons online as well. Apart from RetailMeNot, websites like Groupon, Coupon, Offers, and Couponsherpa also offer discount coupons. Bob Evans Bob Evans restaurant is another major restaurant chain that operates within the US with over 600 restaurants. They bank on the countryside theme, if you love country music, and delicious food, this is the place to be. They serve all-day breakfast and much more! You'll get discount coupons on their official website. Bob Evans coupons are available on websites such as Groupon, CouponSherpa, RetailMeNot, and the like. They are updated daily to maintain the novelty of the deals. From free stacks of hotcakes to cheaper-than-water apple cinnamon crepes, online coupons for Bob Evans offer everything across their menu. Omaha Steaks Omaha Steaks is part of the American legacy. They manufacture, market, and distribute steaks, red meats, and gourmet foods. Today, America's largest marketer of beef, they started out as a tiny butcher shop. Now they have loyal customers all over the country. Omaha Steaks coupon code is available online on websites that are popular and are known to harbor good deals. These include Groupon, Coupons, and RetailMeNote, etc. The Omaha Steaks website also provides great deals. They are offering coupons for Father's Day as well. Online coupon offers good deals that are discounted up to 80%. These coupons are updated daily so that you know the ones that are expired and the ones that are not. Look for coupons on the trusted websites and or check the official websites for them. You can also use them if you're planning to treat your friends or colleagues. These coupons actually help in making a lot of savings.
  • How to save money on your next restaurant meal
    You are hard on funds. You have to go out on a date. Or perhaps your friends are planning a night out to the trendiest new restaurant in the town. You go out hoping for the best. But as luck would have been, you get the bill and you are on the verge of an embarrassing situation. You take out your credit card and hope that it does not get rejected. You heave a sign of relief (or dread at the reducing account balance) after you hear the ping of a successful transaction. Such situations might not happen often. However, instances like the one above are highly likely if you are someone who has to watch where their money goes and when. For instance, your pay day is far away or you are student who pocket money has dwindled to naught. Fret not. There is a way to save face and save money the next time you go out to eat. These days you will find a lot of websites and apps that give out discounts through restaurant coupons. You can avail these coupons for free and get discounts on menu prices on your next restaurant meal. In addition to getting restaurant coupons from apps and websites, you can also get discounts for restaurant meals when you subscribe to certain online magazines and newspapers. Many of them promote or partner with particular restaurants and cafes and send out discount coupons through mails or on their print copies.Using free restaurant coupons is quite a smart way to have a good experience without shelling out too much from your pocket. Most of these coupons include buffet and pre-plated meals. If you are going out to eat with your family, you can use such coupons to bring down your total bill. With additional taxes and surcharges on your food bill, restaurant coupons can make eating out less anxious when it concerns your pocket. Along with letting patrons use free coupons, many restaurants have happy hours to attract more patrons. You pay for one but have drinks for two. Also, during weekends, many restaurants organize buffet breakfasts that are quite a steal. You have a lot of options and with their eat-all-you-can policy, you can gorge on good food without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. Many restaurants offer discount on their menu prices on slow days and slow times: weekend afternoons are the best time to avail great offers on restaurant meals.
  • Pay less when you eat out
    Eating out has become one of the most popular social activity. With Instagram, the number of food bloggers has grown by leaps and bounds. The delectable photos of food and sumptuous food reviews on social media fill our commuting and free hours a day in and day out. All of us wants to take delightful food photos and post it on out Snapchat and Instagram stories. After, everyone wants to join the bandwagon. However, eating at the trendiest restaurant or the hippest cafe has the potential to burn a hole on your fancy jeans pocket. The prices on restaurant menus sometimes tend to get eye-popping reactions, albeit internally. (You do not want your date or friends to think you are on a tight budget or worse that you are a cheapskate). Or perhaps you are like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S who just likes to eat a lot, but does not have the means to order the big shrimp basket off the menu. If you are hard on cash but have to dine out start looking for restaurant coupons that offer discounts. There are many apps and websites from where you can avail free coupons that give you good discounts on your total bill. Such coupons usually have offers on buffet meals. Weekdays, especially in the afternoons, restaurants usually have a lean period. They no have many patrons walking in. Politely ask your server, whether they would be willing to give you discount off the menu prices after your meals. You would be surprised to know, many will willingly reduce your total bill or perhaps give you vouchers or coupons for your next restaurant visit. If you are an active food blogger with a substantial number of followers, you are treated as an influence in the food and dining industry. Even if you do not recognize yourself as a food blogger, you can start out by posting photos of food and giving reviews on rating website. In either case (whether you are hard-core food blogger or just randomly talk about food on your social media accounts) restaurants that are newly-launched might invite you to check out their food and ambiance in turn for a review of their place. Or they might even contact you to send across free coupons so that you can experience their food and other services. Thanks to social media, eating out has become easier on the pocket for many of us!
  • Quirky-themed restaurants for a spunky you
    Dining with your friends and family is always a pleasant experience. A fine dining is always the safest choice when you wish to go on a date or take your family for dinner. The ambiance is calm and you are supposed to dress appropriately. You would definitely enjoy the calm dining experience and relish the food served to you. If you are the adventurous kind or love experimenting with new places, then you might not want limit this inquisitive nature of yours just to trekking or visiting new places. You can extend this eagerness of trying new things to your cuisines as well and not limit yourself to a fine dining. People have become very creative these days and it knows no limits. You would find yourself face-to-face with various innovations that has gripped the imagination of various restaurateurs. Their restaurants are not just fine dining restaurants anymore, they are governed by various themes. Here are some of the best and quirky themed restaurants that is now on everyone's wishlist.
    • The DC Comics Superheroes Cafe- This superhero cafe in Singapore is inspired by everyone's all time favorite idols- the DC Comics superheroes. You can dine at their superhero inspired diner and the menus too are theme-based. Find your inner child here and treat yourself to an amazingly œsuper dining experience
    • Dine in the sky at Belgium- If you are the adventurous kind and wish to experience instances which boosts your adrenaline, then try the œRestaurant in the sky type of dining. This would be one-of- its-kind experience. All the customers would be dining 150 feet up in the air!
    • Ithaa, the undersea restaurant, Maldives- This amazing restaurant allows its customers to dine right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You would get the opportunity of witnessing the majestic marine life and the colorful corals while dining with your companion
    • Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines- If you are a water baby and wish to experience the pristine beauty of nature, this restaurant is the one for you. The water from the Villa Escudero falls would tickle your feet while you calmly enjoy your lunch on tables made of bamboos
    • The Ninja Restaurant, New York- The Ninja themed restaurant in New York is a huge hit among all sections of the population. You would find yourself in a 15th century Japan with a feudal setup. The waiters would be dressed up as ninjas and adapt their few mannerisms.
    These different themed restaurants take some getting used to but have garnered a lot of fan-following in recent times. So, give in to your adventurous side and make a dash to either of these restaurants.
  • 5 splendid restaurants for a self-indulgent you!
    People have the tendency to celebrate every occasion of their lives and food becomes an indispensable part of such a celebration. Be it your anniversary or your parents' anniversary, or when you're planning on proposing marriage to your girlfriend, you envision a fine dining restaurant and plan things meticulously. If you wish to experience the best of everything, then think of the best food you can lay your hands on. To uncomplicate this task for you, here's a list of some of the most expensive restaurants in the world, that would allow you to pamper yourself!
    • SubliMotion, Spain- This is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world and is located in Ibiza! SubliMotion is a restaurant that guarantees you the finest dining experience since you would be shelling out a whopping 2,000$ per person. Their cuisine is known to be gastro-sensory and their sole purpose is to elicit various emotional experience through their food
    • Kitcho, Japan - Located in Kyoto, Japan, Kitcho is a traditional kaiseki restaurant that treats its customer to its other-worldly dining ambiance. It is the perfect melange of tradition and the modern tastes and the award-winning chef, Kunio Tokuoka is the soul of the restaurant. Everything, right from the restaurant's food to the dining experience is pristine, thus the 600$ per head!
    • Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives - If unusual dining experiences allures you, then the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant has to be on your list. You would be dining under the Indian Ocean and would get to witness the majestic marine life, with beautiful sea creatures and vibrantly colored corals! Getting a reservation would not be an easy task as only 14 guests are allowed at a time. But if you are lucky enough to get a reservation, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. P.S, since you can't spend 320$ per person every time!
    • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London- The fiery chef has his own restaurant in London, and you know it would be something really enthralling and expensive as well. The three-course meal would tickle your taste buds and the dining experience would be something that you would vouch for!
    • Masa, New York- Located in the heart of the New York, Masa, founded by renowned chef Masa Takayama, would bring the exotic feel of Japanese cuisine right to your table. You would be treated to the finest of the Japanese shibui at 450 $ per head!
    Though these restaurants are very expensive, you owe yourself the right to indulge in such sorts of guilty pleasures at least once in a lifetime. So update your wishlist and go globe-trotting to these fine dining restaurants!
  • Restaurant recipes that you can prepare at home

    While on Television, you might have often drooled on food channels airing various restaurants across the United States showing their best-selling and irresistible delicacies, which would make you go bonkers and urge you to try them then and there. But you can't since you live far off from the place. No need to put a lid on your cravings anymore, you can try preparing many of those delicacies in your own kitchen.

    To prepare a vegetable salad with Italian dressing, you will need, half cup Italian salad dressing, three tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, one tablespoons sugar or equivalent substitute, one raw egg or egg beaters equivalent or two tablespoons mayonnaise and one fourth cup olive oil.

    Combine the above-mentioned ingredients (sans olive oil) and place it on the top of a double boiler over simmering water. Add the dressing mixture and olive oil and whisk continuously until the mixture is thick and heated through. Remove it in a container and chill for several hours before using. Cut the vegetables of your choice and mix them well with this dressing with an additional dash of olive oil. Relish it with a side of baguette.

    We have always wanted to make burgers the way they prepare at diners and food trucks. They innovate in a way that makes those recipes even more relishing. Take for example cheese filled Burgers, they are nothing but ordinary burgers which have their patties center filled with cheese. Here's how you prepare them;

    For ingredients, you will need, half a cup of finely chopped onion,1 tablespoon ketchup, one teaspoon prepared mustard, one fourth teaspoon salt, a teaspoon pepper, half pound lean ground beef, one fourth cup finely shredded cheddar cheese, two hamburger buns, split Lettuce leaves and tomato slices and other veggies of your choice.

    In a small bowl, combine the first five ingredients. Crumble beef over mixture and mix well. Shape into four thin patties. Sprinkle cheese over two patties; top with remaining patties and press edges firmly to seal. Grill, covered, over medium heat for six minutes on each side or until a meat thermometer reads 160°C and juices run clear. Serve on buns with lettuce and tomato if desired.