• Tips for buying a used car
    Tips for buying a used car

    There are a lot of people who opt to buy a used car for their first bought and owned vehicle. After all, the value of that shiny new car will depreciate the moment you drive off with it from the lot, whereas oftentimes, a well maintained used car can be sold for a well comparable amount that you bought it for, especially if it has been used less and lightly and also hasn’t piled on the miles. Used car prices are definitely cheaper than new cars, and this is especially true if you opt for a private sale between you and the car owner.

    Your daily newspaper, local weekly circulars, and local magazines are sure to have a classifieds section that features used cars for sale. Then there’s the internet of course websites devoted to used car sales abound, alongside those that have a wide range of classifieds displayed. You can surely find a lot of used cars at the prices that you can afford without having to break the bank, and you can narrow it down by your choice of make, model, vintage, and of course, most important, the used car prices.

    You can also request a vehicle history report using the car’s VIN and registration, to assure yourself of the car’s antecedents and confirm what the owner is telling you with regard to whether the car has ever been in an accidents, whether it has ever had a lien on it, and whether it is currently insured and in the clear to be sold. This will go a long way in giving you some peace of mind about the purchase and ensure your used car prices at the right price point. And of course, most important, in order to ascertain that the car is roadworthy, apart from taking it for a quick test drive, you should also have a mechanic take a look under the hood, and under the carriage.

    Check for basics like the baldness of the tires, the strength of the brakes, how the steering wheel handles, whether there is any funny sound or reverberations. This will ensure to some extent that you are buying a car in decent condition and it is not going to need repairs the moment it exchanges hands. However, there really can be no guarantee, given that it is a used car, and part of purchasing it from a private owner, means you accept it in as is condition.

  • The benefits of cash back credit cards
    The benefits of cash back credit cards

    There are a number of credit cards available on the market and Cash Back credit cards are one of the most popular among them all. The idea of cash back is that you’re rewarded when you use the credit card to buy things. This means that the more you spend, the more you stand to gain by way of cash back. This can take the form of rewards, points, or cash. Cash Back credit cards are offered to people who enjoy an excellent credit rating.

    The structure of the cash back system varies between card issuers. Some give you a bonus at the end of every month. Some others accumulate the cash back and deduct it from your outstanding balance. There are other issuers who offer a higher reward percentage on specific purchases, while some others offer a reward on all purchases.
    The biggest benefit of Cash Back credit cards is that it helps you save money, Especially if you make big purchases. Things like buying electronics or redecorating your home can help bring in a lot of cash back rewards. Generally card issuers offer 2% as cashback on average. You can even get a percentage as high as 5%. Stay on the lookout for these offers before swiping your cash back card.

    Those with high credit scores are offered the best cash back cards with extensive rewards. Either you can let the bonus accumulate and use it for the next big purchase. You can also adjust the credit earned against your outstanding limit.

    An online comparison can help you find the best cards with rewarding cash back offers.
    Here’s a list of cash back cards that offer huge savings.
    â Capital One QuickSilver
    You earn unlimited cash back of 1.5% on every purchase every day. There’s also a one-time bonus of $100 when you spend $ 500 within 3 months of approval. There are no annual fees and foreign transaction fees. For the first 9 months, you enjoy 0% APR intro on balance transfer.
    â Citi Double Cash Card
    You earn double cashback on every purchase, along with unlimited 1% cashback when you buy. There’s also an additional 1% when you pay for purchases. But balance transfers don’t earn cash back.
    â Discover It CashBack Match
    At the end of the first year, you get a dollar for dollar match for the cashback you earn throughout the year. You earn 5% cashback when you spend at gas stations, Amazon, restaurants, and wholesale clubs . Other purchases qualify for 1% cashback. The selling point of this card is that there’s no expiry date for the cash rewards. You can redeem anytime for any amount.

    Cashback credit cards are attractive to say the last. But they have their share of disadvantages as well. First, they have high APR rates. You’ll be paying a much higher interest on your outstanding balance when compared to a standard card. Furthermore, the card issuer might change the category of expenditure that qualifies for cash back. They can also specify a maximum limit on the cashback, notwithstanding the quantum of purchases made all year round.

    If you use cash back cards judiciously, keeping track of issuer policies, you can get the most benefits out of them.

  • Chevy Equinox – A Crossover With Panache and Style
    Chevy Equinox – A Crossover With Panache and Style

    The Chevy Equinox is a handsome SUV offering the driver a high driving style and a smooth ride. The new Chevy Equinox features the new dual-port grille design which is seen in most of the other GM vehicles, hence making its style a little less anonymous. But then new reflector style headlights have been fitted to the SUV, with the lower front fascia having a more sculpted look. It also has LED running lamps on the LT and LTZ models. The top LTZ models also came fitted with fog lamps whereas the V6 models got the chrome exhaust outlets. New wheels completed the much sleeker look of the new Equinox. Like most of the other Chevy models, the tail lights borrowed a two-square look. The LTZ editions come adorned with a new chrome trim. Apart from these features, the Equinox comes with the same handsome sheet metal and profile, although a little old has managed to age quite well.

    For families who don’t require a third-row seat, the Equinox is the perfect choice as it is fairly large for a compact crossover. The new chevy equinox price is quite affordable for mid-size families as well. It comes with a pleasant interior. As always the front passengers, especially the driver, get the best seats in the house. The seats are covered with perforated leather which comes cross-stitched on the upright and supportive seats. The more pricey LTZ models of the Equinox have an upmarket luxury feel and look to it. Moving on to the second row of seats, there is enough room for two adults with decent leg room and good head room. The new Equinox comes equipped with a sliding second-row seat that can be folded in order to maximize the interior space for the passengers and to provide more cargo room. The composure of the cabin is as good as the ones that you normally see in Buick and Cadillac models. It also comes loaded with a clever noise cancellation system. With triple door seals, the wind noise is well cut off. All in all, this SUV is worth the money for all the style that it offers.

  • Here’s what you need to know if you plan to grow flowers in your garden
    Here’s what you need to know if you plan to grow flowers in your garden

    “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”
    – Lady Bird Johnson

    Flowers are beautiful and everybody loves then. Two major reasons for loving flowers are smell and beauty. They smell great and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Each flower is unique in its own way and that’s what appeals to people the most.

    Flowers are not just eye candy, they play an important role for the environment. For instance, bees make honey with the help of flowers. Humans use flowers for expressing emotions, decorations, and medicinal purposes as well.

    If you are looking to grow flowers in your garden, you must know that flowers are also seasonal. With seasons, many things change including flowers. If you have a big event coming up, it will help if you familiarize yourself with the seasonal flowers that will be abundantly available during your event.

    Knowing what flowers grow in which season will help you save a lot of money as flowers that are off season cost more than the ones that are in season.

    Spring flowers
    (late winter)
    Season that follows winter and precedes summer. Flowers that grow in spring are Winter Aconite (also know as Eranthis); Witch Hazel; Crocus; Hellebore (commonly known as Christmas rose and Lenten rose); Camellia; Snowdrop; Chionodoxa; Pansy.
    (early spring)
    Daffodil; Iris Reticulata; Forsthia; Scilla; Pussy Willow.
    Daffodil; Tulip; Muscari; Dogwood trees; Redbud trees; Mongolia tree; Trillium; Hyacinths; Primrose
    (late spring)
    Lily of the valley; Mangolia tree; Lilac; Spiraea; Peonies; Allium; Wood Anemone; Jack in the Pulpit.

    Summer Flowers
    Gloriosa Daisy; Coreopsis; Dahlia; Marigolds; Yarrow; Beardtongue; Pineapple Lily; Oxalis; Gloriosa Lily; Surprise Lily; Gaillardia; Peonies; Daffodils; Daylily; Zinnia; Plumeria; Bougainvillea; Lavender; Sunflower; Periwinkle; Shrub Roses; Aster; Hibiscus; Scarlet Sage; Shasta Daisy; Aster; Rose

    Fall flowers
    Crocus; Dahila; Nerine; Sternbergia; Cyclamen hederifolium; Gladiolus murielae; Begonia; Cyclamen coum; Snowdrop; Winter aconite; Heather; Heliposis; Iberis; Asters; Pansy; Sedum; Ornamental grasses.

    Winter Flowers
    Sweet Alyssum;Calendula; Honeywort; Sweet Pea; Winter-Flowering Perennials; Pansies and Violets; Pinks; Winter Jasmine; Winter Honeysuckle; Snowdrops; Hollies; Firethorn; Chokeberry.

    Some of the perennial flowers that are easygoing and long-lived are listed below. Plant them in fall or spring when temperature is cold as it helps them get a healthy start. These flowers are: Peruvian lily; Sweet pea; Snow Princess; Aster; Catmint; Coneflower; Coreopsis; Euphorbia; Forget me not (Mysotis Sylvatica); Gaillardia; Gaura; Geum chiloense; Gloriosa daisy; Heuchera; Lavender; Salvia leucantha.


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