Waste Management – Aluminum Scrap Prices

Waste Management offers recycling of waste aluminum scraps such as beverage tin cans, disposed aluminum foils that we use if our daily lives. So, when there is a lot of aluminum waste that can be collected and melted, they can be used for recycled and manufactured into other products. Machinery is involved in segregating, cleaning and processing the collected scraps as they are sharp edged metals, un-hygienic and sometime heavy in weight as well. This alone cannot be done by labor.

Aluminum scrap holds more value in production/manufacturing businesses as they are utilized for making different types of products, such as vessels, tin foils, automobile spare parts, electronics, and electrical components etc. This will also help us become environment-friendly by not digging up more bauxite from our earth’s crust which is the main contributor towards making up aluminum metal. Recycling is the way forward for smart living and being Eco-friendly. Aluminum is probably one of those metals which can be recycled over and over. The Food and Beverage industry has learned this trick and have encouraged the recycling of aluminum metal scraps over the years and it’s getting better. To produce a brand-new aluminum tin can is expensive as compared to recycling a used one.

Aluminum scrap metal prices vary as per the quality of collected material. There are many companies which purchase the recycled aluminum pieces for their industrial use as discussed above. There is always a thumb rule followed which is Supply demand chain. Hence, there will be a supply as long as there is a demand in the market. Scrap metal prices also vary according to the supply of the raw aluminum materials. As of today, scrap metal prices are assigned based on the processed and unprocessed metal. Bearing in mind there is a lot of work that goes into the maintenance of the scraps of this kind, there should be a better storage place for storing the scraps.

Aluminum scrap can be roughly about $0.30 for a pound in most of the cities in the US. This could also vary up to $0.35 $0.45 at max. Government of USA also has setup program where one can deposit their aluminum tin cans in exchange of monetary benefits. The collected scraps are stored in an inventory from where the future purchasers are given a chance to buy from for their respective industry requirement.

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