Top 10 pocket friendly dry dog and puppy food

It’s natural to be confused about what to treat your new pup with. There are so many doggie treats out there and choosing one that this is both healthy and tasty can become a daunting task. Here are some dry dog food options, some best small breed dog food, which are both pocket-friendly and healthy for your little friend.

Wellness core
The Wellness Core product line has seven dry dog foods. Among them, six are said to have protein, fat and carbohydrates in correct amounts and also contain tons of flaxseed.

Taste of the wild
The Taste of the Wild product line also has seven food products and all of them are more or less good. But the best among them is High Prairie Formula which has no grains. It is rich in pea and potato protein, peas and flaxseed and garbanzo beans.

Solid gold barking at the moon
Though this is designed for performance dogs, yours can also have this. This has an ingredient called ocean fish meal. The very name says that it has excessive protein, almost 300% more than fresh fish itself.

These products contain protein rich sea fish herring, omega-3 fatty acids and essential oils. These products contain egg proteins which are very easily digestible. Probiotics present in it enhance the digestive and immune functions.

Honest kitchen embark
It has seven dry food products among which Embark is very well for dogs of all ages. It is gluten-free and is made up of turkey, celery, spinach and apples. It contains low carbohydrates. You can mix it with water and serve.

Natural balance synergy
Besides having meat ingredients, it also has beet pulp, oatmeal, flaxseed, and brewers yeast. These are rich in vitamin-B and fiber, essential for good health.

Canidae single grain protein plus
It is made in USA, without corn, wheat or soy. It has protein but restricted food grain sources.

EVO turkey and chicken meal formula
This brand keeps your pooch active with its minerals, proteins and carbohydrates rich food. It gives your dog a healthy skin and coat.

Merrick classic beef, barley and carrot
This food brand has a lamb, brown rice and apple combo which is very effective. This one has sweet potatoes as a source for complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and beta carotene. It contains pork fat giving omega 6 fatty acids and adds taste to it.

Nature’s variety instinct duck meal and turkey meal
All these are rich in proteins and fats essential for your pet. But you must consult a vet before treating your pet with these.