iPhone 7 Plus – Benefits and drawbacks

When one talks about iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB variant, a lot of talks are focused on its innovations and what iPhone 7 has been able to achieve so far. Undoubtedly, finding a cheap iPhone 7 has been difficult but the kind of quality, iPhone 7 offers; it is worth its price.

Below are listed some of the key advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB variant. Pick for yourself and see to it if the iPhone 7 matches your specific requirement.

Key advantages

Innovative design, rich colors

iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB variant has been able to leave away the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack and has given up the antenna band. The smartphone features attractive design, innovative technology and is available in color variants such as silver, gold, and black.

Retina HD Display with 3D touch

iPhone 7 comes with a pressure-sensitive display which is ideally known as 3D touch through which different features are activated when a certain amount of pressure is applied on the screen. The traditional LCD retina HD display feature is also present in the smartphone.

Improved touch ID

Even if you have been able to get cheap iPhone 7 from any of the sales, do not compromise on features would be evident. It has a second generation touch ID sensor which makes finger recognition work at a twice faster pace than in a normal case.

Amazing Camera Quality

iPhone 7 is equipped with the best camera, offering you high-quality pictures and videos. The front camera is 12 MP with a 7 MP secondary camera which is safe enough to match the quality that any DSLR could also provide.

Better Voice Quality

The voice quality of iPhone 7 has become better and with an additional microphone to enhance the voice quality. It is only when you purchase the iPhone 7 128 GB variant will you know and understand this key difference between its earlier variants and iPhone 7.

Key Disadvantages of iPhone 7

Price is too high

The beginning price of iPhone 7 is in the range of $649 which makes even the 32 GB variant look costly and the price increases when we talk about iPhone 7 128 GB variant.

Cannot listen to music and charge at the same time

With the removal of headphone jack from iPhone 7, listening to music and charging the smartphone at the same time is not possible. You can always use the Apple iPhone charging dock to undertake this function, but this would essentially be not a very smart move.

Jet Black gets scratches easily

The iPhone 7 jet black color has got many fans, and increasing number of people opt for buying this variant. However, it is also true that high glass jet black variant of iPhone is susceptible to scratches. If however, you would like to own a jet black variant, it is advisable to get a suitable case for the smartphone to save it from abrasions. If this iPhone 7 has been purchased from cheap iPhone 7 sale, it is all the more important to buy the protective casing as the sale might not offer you this case.