• Three-step maintenance of outdoor playsets
    Three-step maintenance of outdoor playsets

    A newly bought and assembled wooden playset is an absolute delight to behold. It is aesthetically very appealing and a lot of fun to play on. However, beauty doesn’t last forever even in playsets! It is therefore your responsibility to make your playset look as charming as it now is, even after your kids are done with their fun and games. Buying a wooden playset is quite an investment as the money spent on the original purchase reduces the amount you would spend on maintenance. If you properly care for your playset, it will not only retain value but also add to its resale value! Since all outdoor playsets are exposed to the whims and atrocities of extreme temperatures, it is important you maintain them bi-annually, here’s how!

    Inspect and tighten
    After the snow melts and the temperatures rise, it is important you thoroughly inspect your wooden playsets. Begin with examining bolts and make sure they are completely tightened. You must also check for rough spots on the swing sets and see if the sides and edges need sanding. You must also ensure that all the accessories are in good condition. Check for cracks on exposed metal edges or plastic accessory. For the sake of preventive maintenance, ensure you re-tighten and inspect your wooden playsets every 3 months to avoid potential accidents and lengthen your kids’ fun time!

    Once you are done inspecting the playset, it is important you pressure wash the wood to remove any oxidized sealants and particulates. Washing not only helps clean the playset it enables deeper penetration of new sealant and minimizes the time to re-seal While hosing down your playset, you may use a solution of bleach and water solution to ensure a crystal clean wash of your accessories! To clean plastic surfaces, you could use a solution of soap and water to remove the built-up dirt during colder months. It is recommended that you clean swings, slides, toys and the like with the soapy solution.

    Apply water seal
    Make sure that you allow the wood to dry for at least two days before applying a fresh coat of sealant. It is recommended that you use an oil based custom color on your playsets to ensure greater protection of the wood. Such a coat is usually more durable than water based sealants. Once you are done applying the required coat, allow your playset a day to dry off.

  • Pros and cons of a solid surface shower pan
    Pros and cons of a solid surface shower pan

    If you are planning to purchase a solid shower pan, then read the following article which explains its pros and cons. This will help you make an informed choice for your home.

    Advantages of a solid shower pan
    Here are some of the key benefits of having a solid surface shower pan.

    • Shower pans are quite convenient when it comes to maintenance. Since the pan is solid, there are no grout joints that you will have to deal with.
    • Since shower pans can be customized, they can well fit in your dream bathroom irrespective of whether you have glass block shower enclosures or curved, angled or odd shaped glass.
    • Shower pans comprising solid surface bases are incredibly durable with no seams. Therefore, there are no chances of water leakage.
    • The design of the curb of the shower pan can be personalized as per every individual’s requirements which helps in ensuring a safer showering environment. Such customization can also help people who have mobility issues.
    • Solid shower pans come as a single product and do not require any overhead finishing material. It doesn’t require a tile or two to complete the look.
    • If you plan to use a shower pan, you don’t have to worry about the location of the drain since it is customizable. This will save you from the extra plumbing cost that you would have to incur otherwise.
    • Solid shower pans are known for their luxurious appearance so they can enhance the look any bathroom.

    Disadvantages of a solid shower pan
    Here are some of the common drawbacks of getting a shower pan.

    • The purchase cost of a solid shower pan is considerably high as compared to acrylic or fiberglass bases. This is chiefly because acrylic and fiberglass bases are designed in large quantities and, usually come in standard sizes, so their purchase cost is lower.
    • Solid shower pans are quite heavy as compared to the other bases, like acrylic or fiberglass which are readily available in the market. So, it can be challenging to move large shower pan base in apartments located on higher floors.

    Shower pans are readily available in several colors so that it can match almost every dcor and create the perfect look that you want. Irrespective of the shape you want, be it an angled or a straight or a curved shower pan, it can be designed to meet your requirements. If you have a problem stepping over the shower curb, it is best to choose a barrier-free roll in your shower pan in order to make it more comfortable and secure.

    Since solid shower pans can be relatively pricey, try to buy them during the sale season. You can also find shower pan sales on e-commerce sites comprising quality products and competitive prices.

  • Sony’s android TVs that take entertainment to new heights
    Sony’s android TVs that take entertainment to new heights

    Television is one of the most significant necessities in a household. In many homes, the TV installed in the living room brings the entire family together for watching their favorite movies, live sports telecasts, and prime time news bulletins.

    Modern-day TVs comprise various technology-driven solutions for better graphics, control, and sound effects. Sony’s Android TVs are the best examples of innovations in televisions. Apart from stellar sound and picture quality, these models come with many other fascinating features. A few models that live to its reputation are as follows:

    Sony W80D Full HD LED Smart Android TV
    Sony Bravia 32″ Smart Android TV
    Sony Bravia 40″ Smart Android TV
    Sony Bravia 43″ Smart Android TV
    Sony Bravia 55″ Smart Android TV
    Sony Bravia 65″ Smart Android TV

    The HD viewing experience is derived from Sony’s Unique X-Reality Pro processing engine analyses. This feature cleans and refines images for detailed viewing. Even when the source provides content in low resolution, this technology would enhance the graphics and ensure “Sony” quality.
    This Android TV brings the whole world of entertainment at home through various possibilities such as TV shows and various Android-compatible apps.
    The Android advantage added enables operation with voice commands. A voice-recognition software can be used to operate the TV. As navigation to various channels is possible through “voice search,” there would be no need of complicated typing and scrolling. Thus, the smart-TV experience is just a command away.
    Apart from TV channels, the users can also choose content from online sources such as Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, and YouTube. Thus, entertainment sources would be abundantly available through the content bar.
    Chromecast allows the user to cast their favorite shows and live stream sports events with full HD quality. Thus, if some tournament is unavailable through sports channels on TV, the user can get it on their mobile and then cast it on the wide-screen Sony Android TV for a magnificent experience. This feature is enabled just by a tap on the Cast button.
    All your favorite apps, online movies, music, and games would be available on TV. Thus, users can unleash entertainment grandly and conveniently through Sony Android TV.

  • How to switch cellphone carriers
    How to switch cellphone carriers

    Several consumers wish to change their cellphone carriers. And there can be many reasons behind it like rising costs, company stagnancy, or declining network quality. But switching cellphone carriers is not as easy as it sounds. Although this might not be true for all, usually there is some or the other hassle involved like losing your number, an added expense for a new phone or pricey contract termination fees. But you can still cleverly switch your cellphone carrier if you calmly assess your situation, so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself in the long run.

    Here are some tips that will help you to switch cellphone carriers with minimum inconvenience.

    You need to ace your research when it comes to switching. First try and figure out your actual issue with your current carrier. Is it because expensive monthly bills or lousy network or some other specific reason. Then commence looking for a network that has a potential to fulfill all your expected requirements. Shortlist options and then further compare them in areas of costs, coverage zones and plans.

    Porting numbers and devices
    If you are going to be staying in the same local area you can port your number from one carrier to another. Once you have decided the new carrier you want to switch to, you can contact them. You will have to fill out your essential details and will also have to provide them with your current carrier information. They will then initiate the switching process. Also remember to confirm whether or not the new carrier supports the mobile device you intend to use. You might have to buy a new phone if the carrier doesn’t work with your current device.

    One of the main reasons why consumers don’t switch easily is because they are in a middle of a contract with their current provider. Switching clearly translates to early termination fees which can go up to hundreds of dollars. But this damage can be minimized if your new carrier is willing to buy you out of your contract, so that you can join them.
    Your first step is to figure out what is the exact amount of your termination fee. Some carriers will entirely pay off your old contract when you sign up with them. Some might not pay off but instead give you some lucrative deals in terms of cellphone credit.
    After you switch you just have to take care of an activation fee which only costs a couple of dollars.


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