• Popular carriers offering great wireless phone deals
    Popular carriers offering great wireless phone deals

    Finding the best wireless plan that suits your requirements ideally can be quite tricky. Beyond the amount of money you spend for the same, it is absolutely necessary that one chooses a plan that provides the required coverage and speed at times you will need it most.

    Scroll down to have a look at various carrier plans offered by the top wireless cell phone companies that will help one figure the ideal plan that can be customized for your needs.

    This is one of the most reputed wireless phone companies that offer you commendable and attractive Family Plans that cannot be ignored. With a monthly fee of around $160 and unlimited data, this company provides you excellent performance in every sense of the word. If you happen to have four members in your family, this may be an ideal choice for you.

    Verizon Individual Plan
    This is beyond doubt one of the most sought out cheap Wi-Fi internet plan for individuals. They offer you around 5GB for a rate as cheap as $5 per month if you happen to be one of those people who does not need unlimited data. Good news is that if there happens to be some data that remains unused at the end of the month, it automatically gets transferred to the coming month.

    Another company that offers you an extremely attractive package of around 8GB data for a mere $50 a month. This also drops by around $10 once you enroll in the auto pay. Coupled with unlimited talk time, this offer is one of the best wireless mobile plans today.

    Republic Wireless
    If your plan is saving quite a tidy sum on your monthly payments, one of the best wireless phone plans that you could opt for is a plan from Republic Wireless. They offer you an ideal mix for a rate as low as around $30 a month with features like unlimited talk time and texting for around $15 and will charge an add-on of just $5 for every gigabyte of data consumed which implies that you are offered a commendable package of 2GB data along with texting and talk time for just around $25 a month. This is of course really tempting for individuals who are looking out for a cheap and affordable wireless plan.

  • How to choose the best train tour for Canadian Rockies
    How to choose the best train tour for Canadian Rockies

    Want to experience the Canadian Rockies? Then you should certainly opt for a train tour. A journey by train will allow you to experience the hypnotic landscapes and the mesmerizing wildlife of Western Canada in the most profound manner. There are myriads of travel agencies that offer amazing Canadian Rockies tours via train, and this can often end up perplexing you. But you can resolve this uncertainty by comparing travel packages. You can break them down in terms of features to make the most viable choice.

    Here are a few factors that you should consider while shortlisting package alternatives for Canadian Rockies train tours.
    Travel agency “ The first thing you do is research about the travel company’s reputation. The best way to assess this is through interacting with the customer care department. This will make you familiar with the company’s operational etiquette and level of initiative. Don’t forget to peruse through consumer reviews online.

    Trains “ There are two passenger trains known as the ViaRail and Rocky Mountaineer, which facilitate the train travel in Canadian Rockies. While choosing between the both consider the cost, destinations, and services offered.

    Duration “ Canadian Rockies train tours can last anywhere from one day to fourteen days. The duration will considerably affect the way you tailor your destinations and activities.

    Food “ Certain packages might offer you with all-inclusive meals and drinks, while others won’t. Some travel plans also might not provide food when you’re off the train. So, make sure that you check all the asterisks in the brochure before making any major payments.

    Excursions and activities “ Analyze what kind of outings and activities are included in the journey, as these are the most interesting aspects of your tour. Have a word with your tour manager about any potential customization options. Also, inquire if there any guides available who can educate you about the history and culture of Canadian Rockies.

    Lodging “ Scrutinize the itinerary for great hotels, so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience while you’re on holiday. Ensure to check how the accommodation functions, for example, services during the day might be all-inclusive but it might cost you some extra bucks for the nighttime hotel stay. So, check how the prices are bifurcated as the term “days” will not simply mean complete 24 hours.

    Transportation “ To get to certain destinations, you might have to hire a car or take a bus. So, confirm with the travel agency if or not they have such essential transportation arrangements in line.

  • A Guide to Buying the Best Washer and Dryer Combo
    A Guide to Buying the Best Washer and Dryer Combo

    The best washer and dryer combos are all-in-one machines that facilitate washing and drying in one single unit. If you are looking for a combo unit, here are some suggestions to help you choose the best models that fit your needs.

    Washer and dryer combo

    These compact multi-functional units are ideal for small apartments where there might not be enough space for separate washing and drying machines. Even stackable sets may be a problem to fit into the small spaces available.

    Long drying time and higher power consumption may have been issues with older models, but over the decades, the all-in-one units have evolved. They wash and dry your clothes quickly and efficiently, and they consume less power than vented dryers. These machines also come with UL and ETL approval. So, you can be assured that they have been manufactured to meet the best safety standards.

    Selecting the best washer and dryer combo

    Features to look for when shopping for the best washer and dryer combo are as follows:

    -Look at the drum size or capacity. This is measured in cubic feet. Try to choose units with stainless steel drums as these last longer than plastic or porcelain drums.

    -If you can afford the higher cost, get the best washer and dryer combo that comes with a lot of pre-programmed settings. These programs make it easy to use the machine, you do not have to experiment with different temperatures, wash cycles, etc., for each type of garment. Also, these preset selections let you know the type of clothes the unit can safely handle, like silk garments, cotton, denim, hand towels etc.

    -Look at the Energy Star rating and UL/ETL certification to know how energy efficient a model is, and its safety rating.

    -If you are worried about setting up a window kit to release the hot air in the machine, buy a ventless unit. Most of the best washer and dryer combos are ventless systems. The hot air in the unit helps dry your clothes and then it is directed to a condensation chamber. This is another feature that makes it ideal for apartments and other small residences.

    -Spin speed is another important measure, it measures how fast the drum or tub spins while washing or drying clothes. The higher the speed, the faster the wash. Many washer dryer combos let you adjust the spin speed. This option lets you adjust the speed according to how delicate the material you are washing is, as some types of clothes can get damaged at high speeds.

    -Look for models that have a self-clean option. This program setting cleans the drum and other parts of the unit, getting rid of accumulated dirt. This keeps the unit clean and functioning well.

    Some of the best washer and dryer combos for 2018

    LG WM3997HWA

    This is one of the best washer and dryer combo that has a larger capacity than most other combo units and also comes with many other features that set it apart. It has a lot of pre-programmed settings that allow you to wash different types of clothes. It also has a self-clean setting that will clean the machine itself. It comes with noise control technology through vibration reduction. The washer has 14 different settings.

    LG WM3488HW

    This is a compact unit that you can also fit into your RV if you are going on a road trip. This is a 14-cycle Front Load Model with a 7-cycle Dryer. It is a ventless model, so it can fit into small spaces and does not have to be paired with a venting kit. It comes with 12 pre-programmed settings.

    Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3

    This is an affordable washer and dryer combo, but it does not compromise on functionality. It has many different preset programs. This includes a de-wrinkle cycle and also a self-clean cycle to clean the unit itself. It can be hooked up to a water faucet, a good option for people who don’t have a separate laundry room.

    Splendide WD2100XC

    This is a compact washer and dryer combo that is ideal for small spaces like tiny houses and trailer homes. It has 10 washing cycles and three soil level settings. The soil level setting allows for a deeper cleaning of very dirty clothes. It comes with 7 different temperature settings. This unit has a load sensor that measures the cloth load which helps control water usage.

  • Electric wheelchair buying tips
    Electric wheelchair buying tips

    An electric wheelchair, which is also called as a power or motorized chair could be an attractive mobility solution for differently abled individuals who do not have the upper body strength or arm functionality to operate a wheelchair manually.

    An electric wheelchair might also ease the burden of the caregiver or even eliminate the need of one to push a manual wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs operate on batteries. They are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Electric wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

    Electric wheelchairs include customizable features that let you match the type of seating, power, control and other accessories that meet your specific needs.

    Today’s electric wheelchairs are even designed are even foldable for easy transport. Electric wheelchairs come in three types of wheel drives: front, mid and rear wheel drive.

    For stability and all-around use, consider a rear wheel drive electric wheelchair. This rear-wheel drive moves at higher speeds and has the largest turning radius of types of wheelchairs. Apart from this, these wheelchairs are able to handle more weight and can more easily go up inclines.

    If the user does not frequent outdoors, then consider buying a mid-wheel electric wheelchair. These are exclusively made for indoor use. This wheelchair usually has 6 wheels (2 large wheels affixed to the base surrounded by 4 smaller wheels). They are small as compared to other electric wheelchairs as they are useful in apartments and other indoor living facilities. Larger models are also available for indoor as well as outdoor use.

    If you want a wheelchair with good maneuverability, consider a front wheel drive. Front wheel drive electric wheelchairs are excellent for outdoors. Be cautious to use them at high speeds as their turning radius. These wheelchairs are able to traverse through tougher terrains, thanks to the large wheels mounted in front of the seating.

    Another thing to consider is the power controls. Unlike a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchairs are controlled with a joystick or a specialty switch called a sip or a puff device. These might be usually located on the armrest. Consult your healthcare provider to know which control is right for you.

    It is important to consider the overall health condition of the individual who will be using the chair. This is an important condition prior to purchasing any electric wheelchair.

    The individual must be aware of all the control and steering techniques and have an adequate vision with depth perception so that they can properly judge driving distance and widths while operating electric wheelchairs.


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