5 natural home remedies for constipation

Everybody loves food! For some ardent food lovers or foodies, food is not just something that is a necessity for staying alive, they live to eat. Such people find comfort in food. However, there are two sides to the same coin. Your comfort food can create a lot of problems for you if you go overboard with it. Acidity, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, etc. are some of the common ailments that hound you after a night of binge-eating.

Acidity can be dealt with, but when it comes to bowel-related problems, people shy away from consulting the Doctor. Nobody wants to admit that they can’t relieve themselves in the morning because of what they ate last night. Your food is not always the culprit. Your regular use of painkillers, laxatives or gulping down a vitamin tablet can also be the cause of constipation. Usually people confuse their stomach for a constipation or maybe if you aren’t able to take your morning dump, you would come to the conclusion that you have constipation.

You can diagnose that you’ve constipation when you detect any of these constipation symptoms, namely, a bad stomachache, inability to pass stools more than thrice a week, a poor appetite, feeling queasy, feeling nauseous and high irritability. Once you diagnosed yourself with constipation, here are some natural remedies for constipation relief.

  • Coffee- Contrary to popular beliefs, coffee helps in easing your constipation. The dark roast coffee is a popular home remedy for constipation relief as it stimulates the digestion, contains fiber and water which keeps the bowels movement intact. When you feel constipated, gulp down a cup or two of the freshly brewed dark roast coffee but not more than that. It might trigger loose motions and your bathroom visits will be extended
  • Olive oil- Olive oil is known for its lubricant qualities. A spoon of olive oil before your breakfast would serve its purpose. It would enable your digestive tract to function smoothly and thereby ease your constipation
  • Fibrous food- Fibrous food such as flax seeds, oats, lentils, etc are to be included in your diet. Honey and figs also contain high amount of fiber and consuming these would definitely get your digestive system functioning
  • Water- Water is what keeps your digestive tract healthy and keeps your muscles strong. If you drink the required amount of water, your bowel muscles can function properly and the motion would be smooth
  • Prune juices- Prunes have high fiber content and prune juices would facilitate the easy movement of stool. Also, prunes prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids that can cause constipation.

The next time you experience any of these constipation symptoms, try out these natural remedies that can surely give you relief from constipation.