5 best online gold dealers

At the moment, precious metals have become an integral part of one’s investment portfolio. These can be extremely beneficial during inflation periods. In fact, numerous financial advisors recommend that at least 10% of such assets should be part of one’s total net worth. Among precious metals, gold, in particular, has been highly popular among investors. The good news is that now one doesn’t have to go on a hunting for the best options as gold coins or bars are easily accessible on online platforms. If you are planning to diversify your portfolio by investing in this precious metal, then continue reading to know about the best online gold dealers.

APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange)
One of the biggest and best gold dealers online, APMEX not only facilitates the sale of precious metals but also allows the buyers to sell their gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Likewise, they also sell collectible items such as rare coins and currency notes from around the world. They have a huge selection of gold with their live prices available on their website. Moreover, they dispatch gold within one business day when consumers use credit cards to make payments. To guide the clients to make the best investment decisions, APMEX also run financial planning services.

Provident Metals
This company started as a trade-show business and went on to develop into one of the largest online gold sellers due to the popular client demand. Provident Metals are recognized for their swift and responsive customer service. Currently, they are a member of numerous reputed organizations such as Professional Coin Grading Service, Paper Money Guaranty Corporation, and The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. They have an extensive selection of gold coins, bars, and rounds. Apart from gold, they also sell copper, silver, platinum and palladium products. Likewise, they are involved in the sale of national and international coins, IRA bullion and wholesale bullion products.

JM Bullion
In a brief time, JM Bullion has impressed a significant number of clients with their high quality of service. They have local stores, however, their online presence is far more established. One can find a diverse collection of gold coins, bars, and collectibles listed on their website. Similarly, they also sell coins and bars made of silver, platinum, and copper. Furthermore, they have a great customer care support and they accept a variety of payment mediums including paper checks, bitcoin, wire transfers, and major credit and debit cards.

BGASC (Buy Gold and Silver Coins)
One of the best online gold dealers, BGASC is accredited by the Better Bureau Business with an A+ rating and consistently has had positive customer reviews. Apart from the national stock, they have a vast range of mints from other nations including Canada, Mexico, and China. Moreover, they only take one business day to ship the order and insure every product while it is in the transit. However, they only offer free shipping on products costing more than $5,000. BGASC also buys gold and silver items from its clients.

GoldSilver, LLC
This online gold dealer sells gold coins, bars and jewelry, however, one can also buy silver coins and bars. Besides precious metals, they also offer IRA services and secures safes. Moreover, GoldSilver educates its customers about investing in precious metals and other forms of assets at zero cost in the form of the latest news articles and audio-visual content. There’s a provision for clients for selling gold and silver on their website. The shipping, handling, and insurance expenses are free if the purchase is over $500. Otherwise, a flat fee of around $25 has to be paid.

Apart from the above listed best online gold dealers, you can also check gold products offered by these popular companies such as Gainesville Coins, Scottsdale Silver, Monarch Precious Metals, Kitco, SD Bullion, Tex Metals, Penn Metals, Golden Eagle Coin, and Gold Mart.

To shortlist the best online gold dealers, scrutinize their product selection, shipping time and charges, accreditation, overall consumer ratings, reputation, and physical office and contact details.